<aside> 🗨️ Join me for weekly storytelling sessions as I recap my 6 month long 3000km walk along River Ganga. Write to [email protected] in case you have queries. PS: This page is best viewed on a laptop / desktop computer


💡The idea

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’m excited to finally see this experiment come to life!

Much like the pace of walking, I’ve been meaning to to tell stories from my long walks at a walking pace. Instead of telling you the story of a 6 month walk within an hour, we will be doing 2 hour storytelling sessions for every week of the walk.

Those interested can sign up for the sessions using the links given on this page. A mention that these are paid closed door sessions - as a way to filter for those seriously interested in engaging and also helping me manage some basic costs and my time.

The weekly storytelling sessions will go on for 6 months, one session per week of the walk.

How it will work

We will schedule 1 session per week, always in the evening as per Indian Standard Time (UTC+5:30).

  1. You sign up for the session(s). Buy access for either a single session or multiple sessions.

  2. Once signed up, you’ll receive details of the upcoming sessions via email.

  3. We meet online via Zoom, conduct the session (see the section - Session Design - for details).

    Watch the film

    If you’d like watch the documentary I produced from this walk, you can buy tickets to that at the link below:

    Documentary - Moving Upstream: Ganga | Veditum India Foundation

🎨 Session Design / Flow

Each 2 hour session will focus on 1 week of the walk. Session 1 for week 1, session 2 for week 2, all the way till session 24 for week 24.

In each session we will begin with brief introductions, following which I will share a rough route map of that particular week of the walk and talk a little about my recollections. These will be a mix of social, environmental and personal notes.

We will then spend time looking at my photo / video archives from that week. There are tons of unpublished material that you will be able to look at. Attendees can ask to pause at anytime and we will chat about material that seems to be of interest.

I expect interesting anecdotes, both published and unpublished, to come up during these sessions.

Attendees may also be able to request orders for archival photo prints (from postcard size up to 12inch x18inch) while looking at the archives during these sessions. To get a sense of pricing, you can checkout my print store here: Photo Prints - Siddharth Agarwal

Sessions schedule

The next (fifth) session is scheduled for: Saturday, 3rd August 2023, from 1pm to 3pm IST (UTC+5:30)

Checkout the calendar below for upcoming session timings. These may be subject to changes in exceptional circumstances.

💰 Pay and sign up here

Choose the appropriate link based on where you’re joining from.


Click this link to sign up if you’re joining from within India - https://rzp.io/l/SSS-INR


Click this link to sign up if you’re joining from outside India - https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sidagarwal/e/146214

Storytelling sessions calendar

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